Concerns raised that Black, brown Rockland residents overlooked in at-home COVID test distribution

There are concerns that Black and brown residents in Rockland County are being overlooked when it comes to the distribution of at-home COVID tests.
Earlier this month, the state gave Rockland 14,000 at-home COVID tests to distribute to the public.
The limited supply was given to the county's five towns - Ramapo and Clarkstown received the largest shipment based on populations.
According to a letter signed by the supervisors of the five towns, tests were distributed to essential workers and first responders. But some question why Black and brown communities were not included in this first wave.
"The at-home tests have not been distributed within the African American community, yet they happen to be the ones who are the most affected by this virus," says Wilbur Aldridge, Mid-Hudson regional director of the NAACP.
Ramapo gave 370 at-home COVID tests and a supply of masks to the NAACP chapter in Spring Valley for distribution on Wednesday.
The town supervisor says they will continue to work with the NAACP to ensure equitable distribution of the test kits.