Concern grows for future of decades-old steakhouse, koi left behind

There is concern in Orange County about the future of a decades-old Japanese steakhouse and the fish that remain on the premises.
The Gasho hibachi restaurant in Central Valley abruptly shut down in May, according to Woodbury Mayor Mike Queenan.
Queenan says Long-Island based Matrix Realty Group leased the multimillion-dollar property from Taku Aoki, the original owner's son, and ran the restaurant starting in 2015.
Aoki now says Matrix Realty walked out on the lease, leaving unpaid rent and thousands in back taxes.
With the business and property allegedly abandoned, some are concerned about the fish that were left there in a koi pond.
Officials say Aoki is paying for a professional caretaker and is making plans to have several koi and dozens of goldfish removed.

Matrix Realty, the company leasing The Gasho, referred News 12 questions to their attorney, who has not yet returned any calls.