Con Ed: Westchester residents can expect a 27% increase in prices this winter

High energy costs are on the way for Con Edison customers this winter.
A letter was sent out to customers, saying costs for electricity and natural gas are expected to be substantially higher this winter because of increases in the market cost of natural gas.
Here are some of the company’s projections:
• The average residential natural gas heating customer using an average of 165 therms per month will pay $460 a month from November 2022 to March 2023, 32% more than the average bill of $348 a year earlier.
• Supply costs will account for $90 of that $112 increase, while delivery charges will account for $22, under the company’s projections.
• A New York City residential customer using 300 kilowatt hours a month this winter will pay about $116, a 22% increase over last winter’s $95, based on current projections.
• A Westchester County customer using 600 kilowatt hours a month will have an average bill of $203, a 27% increase over last winter’s $160, based on the company’s latest estimates.
• For a small commercial customer using 583 kilowatt hours per month, bills are projected to rise $44, or 23%, from $194 last winter to $238.
• A larger commercial customer using 10,800 kilowatt hours per month with a peak demand of 31 kilowatts will see an increase of $706, or 28%, from $2,524 to $3,230.