Coalition: Yonkers schools must do more to conquer remote learning ‘digital divide’

The NAACP and civil rights activists teamed up with Parents Seeking Solutions on Thursday to demand greater accountability from Yonkers schools when it comes to the so-called digital divide between students.
They say not enough students have the proper devices suitable for remote learning and they fear the damage caused by students falling behind will be irreversible. The coalition is demanding the school district provide a full-scale course of action to help those students get back on track once in-person school for all students resumes.
“We need to focus on compensatory education so children, potentially children of color, don't fall behind,” says Michael Sussman, a civil rights attorney.
Yonkers schools referred News 12 to a letter they sent to Sussman that says they believe the school district is making great strides in helping students during the pandemic. It added that they have given out more than 8,000 devices to students to help with remote learning.
Advocates say that is a drop in the bucket for what the real need is.