Clear, cool overnight; sunny and warm weekend ahead

New Jersey will be treated to beautiful weather this weekend after days of hot and humid conditions.
But Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says she is tracking some coastal storms that could impact New Jersey by Monday or Tuesday.
OVERNIGHT: Clear skies – great conditions to see the full moon. Temperatures cool to the mid-60s.
SATURDAY: Plenty of sunshine. Low humidity and dry conditions. Daytime highs around 82 degrees. Overnight lows around 65.
SUNDAY: Mostly sunny skies, with some scattered clouds. Warm and dry, with daytime highs around 84 degrees. Overnight lows in the upper-60s.
MONDAY: Possibility of some light rain sprinkles in the morning, with some clouds. Daytime highs in the upper-70s. Rain possibly in the afternoon and evening, leading into Tuesday. Overnight lows in the upper-60s.
TUESDAY: More rain possible. Daytime highs around 75, with overnight lows around 65.
COMING UP: Mix of sun and clouds next week, with high temperatures in the mid-80s.