Clarkstown stands firm: Israeli flag to remain at town hall despite protests

Clarkstown will not take down an Israeli flag flying outside Town Hall before the end of the year despite protests on Tuesday evening.
Two opposing protests unfolded on both sides of New Hempstead Road outside Clarkstown Town hall last night.
One sidewalk featured Israeli flags while Palestinian flags were waved on the other. At the pro-Palestinian rally, demonstrators urged Clarkstown officials to remove the Israeli flag flying outside town hall.
Across the street, supporters voiced their desire for the town to retain the flag, standing in solidarity with friends and family abroad.
This has been a heated issue for weeks. Over Thanksgiving, a 15-year-old pulled down the flag, leading to charges. Recently, news broke of a plea deal reached in his case.
Clarkstown Supervisor George Hoehmann highlighted the town's extensive connections with Israel, affirming that the flag will continue to fly into the new year.