Central Hudson Gas & Electric seeks permission from state officials to raise electric, gas rates

The increases would generate $181 million in extra income for the company.

Ben Nandy and Rob Taub

Aug 7, 2023, 9:22 PM

Updated 348 days ago


Central Hudson Gas & Electric says it is seeking permission from the New York Public Service Commission to raise electric and gas rates by more than 15%.
They told News 12 this increase would replace an aging infrastructure and meet green energy goals. The approval would increase electric bills by 16% and 19% for gas.
"It's something we must put into our budget,” said The Barber Lounge owner Jesse Almodovar. “Hopefully, it doesn't go up too much so we have to pass it on to our clients or our customers."
According to Central Hudson’s request, the increases would also generate $181 million in extra income for the company.
"We want to work with our lawmakers,” said Central Hudson Gas & Electric spokesperson Joe Jenkins. “We want to work with our customers. This rate proposal that we filed is just that. It's a proposal."
"As you know, living on a fixed income is not easy especially in a state where everything's expensive and inflations through the roof,” added Assembly Member A.J. Beephan.
The rate increase request has nothing to with costs related to its recent billing errors according to Central Hudson, as the company pledged to fix its billing practices after about 8,000 customers were incorrectly billed.
The process for approval is expected to take 11 months and be handled by the Public Service Commission.

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