Cellphone video shows wild brawl in Getty Square, 2 teens arrested

A wild fight broke out on the streets of Getty Square in Yonkers and resulted in the arrest of two girls.
Cellphone video captured the brawl between the teens during afternoon dismissal. The teens were arrested, and the video is now making its way around the internet.
The Yonkers Police Department released a statement, saying "The Yonkers Police Department would like to remind our young people...there are consequences for bad behavior. In this case, two young people were taken to a youth facility and now have to face the consequences in family court."
Jaime Martinez, the executive director of the Yonkers Downtown Business Improvement District, says despite what happened, development and business is booming and it shouldn't deter people from the area.
"These instances are far and few in between, it's getting a lot of attention but there are other things going on down here that is more important," says Martinez.
A district spokesperson tells News 12 the superintendent has been working to get dropoff locations changed in an effort to curb incidents like this.
Police encourage kids to bring concerns to an adult before it resorts to any violence.