Hudson Valley braces for more snow

<p>DPWs and local businesses are feeling the pressure of the fourth storm in less than four weeks.</p>

News 12 Staff

Mar 20, 2018, 2:05 AM

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Spring is here but Mother Nature has other plans as a nor’easter is set to bring more snow to the Hudson Valley.
The fourth nor'easter to hit the Hudson Valley in the past few weeks is expected to bring up to 6 inches of snow in most parts of the region.
DPW crews all over the Hudson Valley have really been getting a work out over the past few weeks and it looks like they'll be at it again. The equipment at the White Plains yard was all lined up and ready Tuesday.
Mechanics in the garage were also working on the equipment, which has taken a beating over the past few weeks. "We have quite a bit of broken equipment, broken plows, but our city garage has been getting them out. It's not just the guys plowing, it's the guys behind the scenes," said White Plains Highway Superintendent Rich Stangarone.
This latest storm has workers concerned. The forecast is for heavy, wet snow similar to one of the earlier storms that caused downed trees and power lines. "We fear there's going to be more limbs falling, so we're going to have to pull double duty and do plows and trees again," said Stangarone.
The crews will be putting down sand and a special brine mixture ahead of the storm, but they say, unlike last week, they think this one may be a plowing event.
They still have about 6,000 tons of salt at the White Plains DPW yard, and they said they hope it's enough.
Some local business owners said they're just getting back to normal after the storms that caused so many to lose power for more than a week. Some said another storm is more than they can bear. "The power was out for about a week here and then of course you have no business, so we probably lost a couple thousand dollars," said Debbie Wagenstein, of Wally's Florist in Yonkers. "Now we're up and running and now their talking another storm coming on Wednesday, I'm speechless, I just don't even know what to say."
Many merchants told News 12 that their hope is that they catch a break and the snow will stick mostly to the grassy areas rather than the roads.

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