Brookfield residents speculate Amazon Fresh could be moving to town

Mystery surrounds a construction site where a grocery store is being built in the town of Brookfield, and many residents are already convinced they know it's going to be an Amazon Fresh.
The grocery store is being built on Candlewood Lake Road, and there's no signage up yet.
The land use director says the building permit was issued last month.
She says when the permit was applied for, the applicant said they were under a contract to not disclose the name of the grocery store.
From the looks of the construction and the renderings, many people think it's going to be an Amazon Fresh.
The company has around 15 grocery stores across the country right now. At least 30 more are reportedly in the works.
It would be the first Amazon Fresh in Connecticut.
Some residents who spoke to News 12 were impartial to the speculation, but others were OK with it considering Brookfield only has one other grocery store.
The land use director says the company will eventually have to apply to get its sign approved.
However, there is no word yet when that will be. So for now, it's still a mystery.
Whatever the store may be, residents say they welcome it because the only grocery store in town is ShopRite and they say it's always crowded.