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Dead squirrels and birds plaguing Bronxville neighborhood

Bronxville neighbors say that for the past couple of weeks, dead birds and squirrels keep showing up on the roads and in their yards.

News 12 Staff

Jun 27, 2019, 12:08 AM

Updated 1,822 days ago


A dead animal mystery is plaguing Bronxville.        
Some people living in the Cedar Knolls section of Bronxville say dead animals, mostly birds and squirrels, keep showing up on the roads and in their yards.
They say this has been happening for the past few weeks and they want to know what is killing animals in their neighborhoods.
It's been happening so often that it's been the topic of discussion in their community message board. Folks say they've tried calling police and the Westchester County Health Department but have been told there isn't anything that can be done.
One neighbor, who didn't want to appear on camera, says he's now afraid to walk his dog outside because he doesn't know what's killing these animals. "He's using the pads. He's three pounds, but I'm not going to risk his life. Until they figure out what's going on, I can't. I mean this is right in my backyard," said the neighbor.
A spokesperson for the Westchester County Health Department issued a statement saying in part, "We don't investigate this. The squirrel life span is not that long. They are too small to be a rabies concern."

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