Bronx organization expands outreach to help those impacted by fatal Twin Parks fire

An organization is stressing the importance of the community giving back in the wake of the Twin Parks fire.
"We Achieve" dropped off donations of clothing, food and other items at Assemblymember Yudelka Tapia's office on Friday.
Founder Raynard Gainey wanted to help a handful of people in the neighborhood. But after the tragic fire, he decided to do even more.
"The goal of the particular program or event was to just clothe 10 people just to ensure people were warm and then this horrible fire happened," Gainey said. "And I said what better way can I, No. 1, as a human being, No. 2, as a program, do something for the community and give back 'cause I've been in those types of situations I know what it is not to have."
The "We Achieve" foundation offers mentorship, access to educational help, as well as a safe place for kids to enjoy that will keep them out of trouble.