Brewster school officials against bill requiring students to get COVID vaccines

The district released a letter taking a stand against a state bill that require the vaccine for students.

Nadia Galindo

Jan 24, 2023, 10:53 PM

Updated 486 days ago


Should students be required to get the COVID vaccines? Officials at the Brewster Central School District say no.  
The district released a letter taking a stand against a state bill that require the vaccine for students.
Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz is the bill's author. He represents the 81st District in the Bronx, which borders Yonkers.
He says he doesn't believe the bill will get approval now but could in the future.
"We wanted the legislation to be there just in case, just in case the FDA and the Centers for Disease Control gives full approval to the vaccines for children, and just in case the governor decides she would like to move ahead with such legislation," he says.
The same day the bill was referred to the Health Committee, the Brewster Central School District released a letter sent to the governor stating:
"We support a parent's right to make medical decisions for their children regarding COVID-19." 
It added that "Moreover, such a mandate would once again divide our community and divert the attention and focus of our administrators, teachers and staff away from student learning."
The concerns are echoed on the social media post by the district where dozens of parents thanked the board for taking a stand.
The latest data from the state Health Department shows COVID cases are holding steady across the Mid-Hudson Region with the newest variant accounting for the majority of confirmed cases.
The CDC is recommending children ages 6 months to 18 years stay updated on their COVID vaccines and boosters.
There was a meeting for the Brewster Board of Education scheduled tonight, but the item is not on the agenda.   

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