Blooming Grove man allegedly dumped truckload of construction debris in Monroe

A Blooming Grove man is facing fines and community service for allegedly dumping a truckload of construction debris on a stretch of road in Monroe that the town just paid thousands to clean up.
Monroe Supervisor Tony Cardone says it was a school bus driver that caught 28-year-old Bentzion Jacobvitch red-handed Thursday, which was Earth Day. He was allegedly seen dumping massive amounts of trash from a rented U-Haul box truck in a wooded area along Seven Springs Road.
It's the same stretch of road that News 12 has reported on twice so far this month. First, for the unsightly piles of trash News 12 found for nearly a quarter of a mile along the border of Monroe and Palm Tree and then for the cleanup.
"Don't dump in our municipality. You are going to get caught, you are going to get fined, and the fines are severe," says Cardone.
News 12 was given the photos by the good Samaritan.
Monroe and the neighboring town of Palm Tree reached an agreement last week to clean up the area and bill the property owner.
State police say Jacobvitch is footing the bill at this time.
Authorities say the DEC has also been notified and that along with fines, Jacobvitch will be permanently banned from renting a truck from U-Haul.