Black clergy shows support for controversial redevelopment on Yonkers waterfront

Members of Yonkers’ Black clergy came together at the Nepperhan Community Center Friday to show their support for a controversial redevelopment project.
A private developer wants to build a three-story parking garage on property where the old Glenwood power plant now sits – near the John F. Kennedy Marina. 
The developer has promised to turn the garage's rooftop into a massive green space with sports courts and activities the waterfront doesn't currently have.
Clergy members say while they have given initial support for the redevelopment project, that could change if the developers final vision doesn't match up with what was promised.
Supporters also say it could also bring hundreds of jobs to the community.
Opponents of the redevelopment project say building a parking garage there would simply take away from the spectacular view and the general sense of tranquility in the area.
Eric Johnson is part of a consortium that supports the redevelopment project, but opposes building a garage.
"We feel as though the Hudson River and that marina provides an opportunity that is vital to our community all across this city."