Black church leaders in the Hudson Valley spread word to members about voting

Black church leaders across the country say a lot is at stake in the upcoming presidential election, which is why they are working to get out the vote.
Pastor Franklyn Richardson of Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon has been working tirelessly for months to spread the word to his 44,000 members about the importance of voting.
Richardson says his church has been registering people, going door to door and holding virtual worships to spread the word.
Richardson says Black churches all across the Hudson Valley and New York state are working hard to get people to vote.
Due to the pandemic, the focus is on early voting. The church will provide transportation for its elderly members to cast their ballots.
Richardson says alleged attempts at voter suppression across the country, with hundreds of people standing in line for hours to vote, won't be enough to keep Black voters away from the polls this year.
Black church leaders say the goal is to get out 75% of the Black vote nationwide.