Bee-Line bus fares to be free during holiday season in Westchester

Bee-Line Bus fares will be free during the holiday season in Westchester County.
Anyone riding the Bee-Line won't have to pay Nov. 19 -27 and then again Dec. 7-26.
"I think this will be very helpful to the people that work in retail or work in downtown settings so that they can commute to work and have that extra savings," says Westchester County Executive George Latimer.
The bus fare was also be lifted from June 1 to Labor Day.
"That had a significant benefit in that it raised our ridership by 37%," says Latimer.
Beyond the holiday season, more good things are in store for the transit system.
"We're scheduled for next year, to get at least 20 new vehicles," says Hugh Greechan, Westchester transportation commissioner.
They plan to make those buses hybrid as well.
The news follows an announcement on the lifting of the sales tax on home energy heating beginning on Dec. 1.