Bars, restaurants to have extended curfew starting Monday

Curfews in the state for bars and restaurants will be pushed back starting Monday - making it a return to some normalcy across New York.
Carlo's Italian Restaurant in Yonkers is celebrating the extended hours. Owner Sheilagh Cirillo says the pandemic has been tough on her business, which was opened in 1958 by her father, Peter Severino.
Cirillo says she had to lay off 26 people during the roughest times, but they've all since been rehired.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo previously extended the curfew for food businesses from 10 p.m. to 11 p.m. in February following a drop in the COVID-19 positivity rate and hospitalizations.
The latest extension, which includes catering venues, comes just week after the state lifted curfews for gyms and movie theaters.