Assemblyman Schmitt applauds ‘high risk’ high school sports decision

High school sports fans finally got the news they were hoping for on Friday – “high risk” sports can resume on Feb. 1 once given clearance by local health officials.
It clears the way for basketball, hockey and wrestling, as well as football and others, to finally get their seasons underway -- pending input from county authorities.
While there are some hurdles to clear at the local level, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt, who helped lead the charge on this issue, sees no reason why sports won't be up and running in just over a week.
“It's a great day. Everyone's going to get that chance.  The state has at least given a thumbs up and the counties just need to make sure they're on board with the proper process,” he said. “In my opinion, there is no reason why they should not be.”
In a tweet, Westchester Executive George Latimer said Saturday that he is "working with other county executives in the Hudson Valley for a joint announcement for [high school] sports since we’re all in Section 1 together."