Assembly members push to get EpiPens to all first responders

Right now, only EMTs have access to the potentially lifesaving devices. Firefighters and police officers do not.

News 12 Staff

May 3, 2023, 10:30 AM

Updated 353 days ago


There's a new push to get potentially lifesaving devices into the hands of Hudson Valley first responders.
Two Assembly members in Albany are fighting to give all first responders EpiPens in case of allergic reactions.
Right now, only EMTs have access. Firefighters and police officers do not.
The Assembly members say the Epi Act would establish state funding that could lower the cost and make the devices more accessible. "To make sure we have it in as many places as we can and have as many people having them, it means the world to those people who are suffering," says Assembly Member Jake Blumencranz (R-Oyster Bay).
The lawmakers say they hope the bipartisan bill gets passed in the Assembly and Senate before the end of the year.

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