Ardsley FD hosts community dinner, discussion on hate crimes

Dozens of people came together in Ardsley Sunday to help kick hate out of their community.
The Ardsley Fire Department hosted its second annual community dinner and discussion Sunday. The discussion’s theme was combating hate crimes.
The event comes after a swastika was found on an Ardsley Road sign in 2018. It sparked outrage and led to the first community dinner and discussion.

A hate crimes statistics report by the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting program shows a slight decrease in the amount of incidents reported nationwide. 
The data shows law enforcement reported about 50 fewer hate crimes in 2018 compared to the previous year.

However, a two-year investigation from News 12's Tara Rosenblum's Hate at Home series revealed that hate crimes are poorly tracked - and there's no reliable database of the crimes.
Just this weekend, hate messages were found across tunnels in New York City over the weekend - apparently by the neo-fascist group Proud Boys.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said "I have a message for the 'Bigot Boys' who skulk around like cowards in the dead of night: When you preach hate and division, New York answers with love and unity. Crawl back into your hole, Bigot Boys — there's no place for hate in our state."