Animal rescue nurses 23 farm animals back to health

Animal rescue nurses 23 farm animals back to health

Nearly two dozen animals are getting a new lease on life thanks to first responders and an animal rescue in Middletown.

Twenty-three farm animals were found in horrendous living conditions on Sunday. They were emaciated, dehydrated, lacked medical care and lived in darkness. Officials say they lived in 4-by-4, feces-lined stalls.

Pets Alive in Middletown was contacted by Humane Law Enforcement that the animals were discovered and needed a safe place to go. It could not identify who the owners were or where they came from because the investigation is ongoing.

The animals are slowly being weaned back onto food, including grass. They will be evaluated by a vet, and many will need treatments.

Pets Alive says it already has hundreds of animals in its care. Taking in, feeding and rehabilitating this many large animals is more than the nonprofit can afford, but workers say they can't turn away the animals. Pets Alive is hoping to have fundraisers to pay for the expenses.