Amid wreckage caused by Ida, neighbors help community recover

While many stories have come out about Hurricane Ida’s destruction, there are also stories about those who have risen to the occasion to help others.
Mamaroneck is one community that was hit hard during the storms caused by the remnants of Hurricane Ida. 
People’s ruined belongings line the streets, following winds and rain that caused mass flooding around the area.
Trish Klein was one resident who says she remembers the flood.
"It came rushing through the back door. It sounded like a waterfall coming in. Within 15 minutes, the water was up to my chest… we barely got my 96-year-old grandmother out and my special needs brother,” says Klein.
It was during what seemed like the worst of times to some residents that others rose to help their neighbors.
Those who were fortunate enough to weather the storm are donating their own belongings to those who have lost everything, from clothing to toiletries to bagged lunches.
At St. Thomas Episcopal Church, nearly 700 volunteers have gathered and are prepared to serve up to a thousand displaced in their community, including Klein.
St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Mamaroneck will also be open Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. for donations and the pickup of essential items.