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Agency helps jobless find work during the pandemic

The new Career Pathways program Westhab is putting 90 people through construction job training.

News 12 Staff

Feb 19, 2021, 4:16 PM

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With so many people losing jobs during the pandemic, a local nonprofit has made it its mission to help those who've fallen on hard times find work.
The new Career Pathways program is putting 90 people through construction job training. The program is run by the largest provider of homeless services in Westchester. 
"What our Westhab team was able to do is identify that the construction sector in Westchester County has been thriving…so we took that fact along with the problem of unemployment and decided to develop the Career Pathways program to put some of our unemployed Westchester County residents into the construction sector," says Westhab Inc. Communication Director Kathryn Allen.
Many of the other 90 Career Pathways students have already found jobs. 
Michael Chromey, a graduate of the program, says he now has two certifications that will allow him to be a site-safety training instructor. The Mount Vernon says it not eeasy,but the program was a big help in his success. "To stay focused and get us to be positive because this pandemic is not with us forever."

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