Advocates push for passage of state bills to ban PFAS from everyday products

A new map released by Clean & Healthy NY details $750 million in taxpayer money paid to clean up PFAS contamination.
It comes as advocates push for the passage of a package of bills in Albany to further ban the chemicals, which are known to cause cancer.
PFAS, which are polyfluoroalkyl substances, are a class of over 10,000 chemicals that do not break down easily and have been widely used in manufacturing for decades.
"We need to completely eliminate these chemicals from the products we use and the products that are manufactured here in New York state," said Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, (D-Rockland County).
Zebrowski is introducing a bill to ban PFAS from key consumer and commercial products like textiles, rugs, cookware and cleaning products.
This bill comes as parts of the county he represents have found PFAS in drinking water sources.
"You may be remedying your water supply now, but these chemicals continue to be in products and continue to be in and around environment because our manufacturers aren’t doing anything to get them out," he said.
The other bills included in the package include a bill to ban PFAS in apparel, which has already passed the Assembly and is on the floor of the senate.
Another bill would ban PFAS from cosmetics.
The final bill would help properly dispose of carpets, which can contain PFAS.
The legislation comes as a ban on PFAS in food packaging is set to take effect next year.
A law that's spurred some companies to reconsider their use of the chemicals in products.
"We know that we can make a difference not only for our communities but communities across the country and around the world,” said Bobbi Wilding, Clean & Healthy NY.