Above the Rim: Harlem Globetrotter unveils permanent art display at Westchester County Center

Artwork created by basketball star Maxwell Pearce is on display inside the Westchester County Center's Sports Hall of Fame.
The Harlem Globetrotter moonlights as a visual artist when he isn't traveling the world with the team.
Pearce creates historical and contemporary mixed-media sculptures during his off-seasons.
Pearce marries his love for sports with his art pieces by integrating real equipment like basketballs, baseballs and jerseys to make his creations.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer was there on Monday to welcome the new timely pieces created by the Tuckahoe native.
The artist revealed the power behind the message of one of the pieces as the nation gets ready to mark Black History Month.
"...it honors the four women who decided to sit out their season in the WNBA to focus on social and racial injustice," said Pearce during the unveiling.
"Even fewer athletes can say that they, you know, earned a spot on this wall and that their passion for community and kids and social justice and ...(that) giving back to others is at the forefront of your athletic achievement," said Dillow Faulkner, president of Backyard Sports.
It will be on display permanently at the Westchester County Center in the first-floor atrium.