‘A horrible accident.’ Mamaroneck mayor says charges not likely in bus crash that killed mother and son

The mayor of the Village of Mamaroneck spoke to News 12 about the crash this week that claimed the life of a 6-year-old and his mother.

Jade Nash

Jun 22, 2024, 8:41 PM

Updated 26 days ago


The mayor of the Village of Mamaroneck spoke to News 12 about the crash this week that claimed the life of a 6-year-old and his mother.
Sharon Torres, who has only served as mayor for a few months, said Molly Murphy Donovan and her son Michael's death saddened her. They were killed by a school bus while they were walking to school on Thursday.
"The news was devastating," Torres said. "I started getting calls, and texts, and emails yesterday morning. Obviously, you never want to hear about any fatalities. Let alone a double fatality."
According to investigators, the crash happened at the corner of Mamaroneck Avenue and New Street. They said the smaller school bus was turning at a green light when the driver hit the boy and his mom while they were using the crosswalk.
Police said Michael was pronounced dead at the scene and Donovan was taken to the hospital for treatment where she later succumbed to her injuries.
Officials added that the bus was heading to Mamaroneck Avenue School and had kids on board who didn't get hurt in the crash.
The event made the mayor emotional in News 12's exclusive interview with her.
"Imagine the grief that this family is going through, and they already lost another member of the family years ago to an auto accident, so it's this huge reminder that we need to slow down, we need to pay attention," Torres said.
Torres also provided an update about the investigation and clarified if charges will be filed against the driver.
"It does not look like there will be charges, it looks like it was just truly a horrible accident," Torres said.
Meanwhile, the incident is motivating a group of volunteers from the village's traffic committee. Ryan Buck, the chair, said they're specifically coming together to call for a change.
"We need to slow down, we need more educational campaigns, we need more crosswalks, we need more intelligent crosswalks," Buck said.
A petition circulating online asked for similar safety improvements.
Buck said he supports the changes. However, he insisted that he needs the county's help to implement them.
"Mamaroneck Avenue is a county road," Buck said. "We see changes that need to be made and we really need the county to make our streets safer for our children."
In the meantime, the mayor said a candlelight vigil is scheduled for Sunday night to honor the lives lost. She said it will take place at the Poetry Garden near the police department.

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