48Hours in...El Bronx performed in Mott Haven

A performance held Sunday evening was inspired by the borough and put together - from start to finish - in 48 hours.
The performance was held at Pregones Theater in Mott Haven and put together by six playwrights, six directors and 18 actors.
Those who worked on 48Hours in...El Bronx say the entire performance, which consists of six 10-minute plays, was inspired by the Bronx , written for the Bronx and performed in the Bronx as a celebration of the unique culture and music of the borough.

The event is part of a collaboration with the Harlem 9. Playwrights were assigned a historic Bronx nightclub to inspire them to write their pieces. The plays were then written overnight, and  actors memorized their lines within hours. The entire project culminated in two performances - the debut of which was Sunday night.

The next and final performance will be held Monday night at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in Manhattan.