4 tips for spring cleaning your health this season

4 tips for spring cleaning your health this season

Our homes aren’t the only thing that could use some spring cleaning this year! Spring is a great season to revisit your health and consider adding some new habits that could improve your wellness as the year goes on.
Here are some tips for a healthier you:

1. Moderation

As the weather warms, you may be planning a fun picnic, dining out, firing up the barbecue, or enjoying a couple drinks on the patio. However, it’s still important to keep moderation in mind as you kick back in the warmer weather. You don’t have to completely forego alcohol and unhealthy foods, but keep leaner proteins, tasty spring fruits and vegetables, and lots of water on the menu too! See MyPlate Plan to determine how many calories a day you need to maintain your current weight based on your age, sex, height, weight, and physical activity level.

2. Stay hydrated

Your body is more inclined to sweat more during the warmer months, causing you to lose more water than you may have during the winter. If you struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, start bringing a reusable water bottle with you on errands and other activities so it’s always at hand and try brightening it up with a slice of lemon or orange for a fun new flavor. Here are more tips to help you drink more water.

3. Get active

It’s time to stretch your body and get moving again, especially if you took some time off from exercise during the winter. Get started by adding daily walks to your routine or plan a small garden and spend some time caring for your plants if you have the space and are able to do so. Why is physical activity important? Here are some answers.

4. Lather up the sunscreen

Springtime means more time in the sun, which can feel wonderful and be great for your mental health but could also be negatively impacting your skin. As it heats up, be sure to practice sun safety to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. If you know you’ll be exposed to the sun for longer periods of time, bring long sleeves, a wide-brimmed hat, and be sure to continuously reapply sunscreen. Here are more sun safety tips.