3-year-old fighting childhood cancer attends summer camp

A young girl battling cancer had the chance to go to summer camp.
Genevieve Kipp was diagnosed with a potentially deadly form of childhood cancer called ALL just five months after second birthday.
The scary diagnosis came after a series of unexplained high fevers and skin infections.
Despite the hard news, Genevieve's parents were not ready to give up.
"We were always resilient people, but maybe this is teaching us to be more resilient," said Liesel Kipp, Genevieve's mother.
After months of chemotherapy, no play dates and a lot of Purell, Genevieve's parents felt it was time for her to be a kid again.
Although she is still battling cancer, Genevieve got the opportunity to go to Sunrise Day Camp in Pearl River.
Genevieve, who is now 3 years old, spent two days at the only nonprofit full-day summer camp for children with cancer.
On her first day of camp, Genevieve, became one of the youngest campers to go down the "big slide."
"She shot out of there like a canon and she was just so happy," Liesel Kipp said.