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Car hits black ice, slams into house in West Haverstraw

Police said the car hit the porch of the house at 11 Chapel St.

News 12 Staff

Jan 5, 2022, 3:23 PM

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Black ice is being blamed for a car that slammed into a home in Garnerville Wednesday morning.
Police said the car hit the porch of the house at 11 Chapel St.
Celeste Bonilla was inside the home sleeping when the car drove directly into the residence.
"I guess he hit black ice, just missed my truck. My plow in the driveway," Bonilla said.
Tire tracks show the path that car took before heading into the home and stopping right underneath the porch. Bonilla told News 12 the only reason the car didn't go further into the house was because of a cement pillar that was knocked sideways.
"The one pillar that's holding the roof -- the block got knocked out through the bottom, so the porch is kind of on a tilt right now," Bonilla said.
She's concerned about structural damage.
"I was more scared about the house and it being structurally sound. But as far as everyone, we are all OK," Bonilla said.
Bonilla said that includes the driver who slid on the sheet of black ice that covered Chapel Street.
The driver and Bonilla's family were all shaken but safe after the incident. She hopes other motorists will drive a little bit slower around the neighborhood, especially on days when the road conditions are dangerous.

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