23rd District Senate candidate Gaston says he’s focusing on the issues after heated battle against incumbent

After winning the Democratic Senate primary for the 23rd District that became intensely heated against incumbent Sen. Dennis Bradley, Rev. Dr. Herron K. Gaston says his main goal now is to stay focused on the issues. That includes a pledge to help lower taxes.
"That means that we have to be able to work with our local delegation, with our local mayors, to ensure that the people are getting the delivery of services that they need. They pay too many taxes not to receive a good decent quality of life in their neighborhoods,” said Gaston.
Gaston said more equitable funding for education must also remain a top priority.
"There are a lot of inequities happening within our educational system, whether it's in Bridgeport or Stratford, and we need to be able to bring the resources down to ensure that our kids get a constitutionally adequate education," he said.
Saying he would plan to continue serving as pastor of Summerfield United Methodist Church if chosen in the general election in November, Gaston also pledged to fight for more affordable housing.
"A lot of people don't have a place to call home or a roof over their head because things are becoming unaffordable due to the rising cost of inflation. We have to ensure that we are fighting for more affordable housing that has an impact on working and middle-class families,” said Gaston.
Another race is still undecided. Bridgeport City Council Member Marcus Brown is ahead by just five votes over longtime state Rep. Jack Hennessy. That triggers an automatic recount.