Over 160 families at Rye Colony apartments expect to be powerless through the weekend

That means no air conditioning, no electricity, no convenient way of charging electronic devices or keeping food fresh for 160 families.

News 12 Staff

Aug 6, 2020, 9:48 PM

Updated 1,388 days ago


More than 160 families are without power in Rye, and residents say they don't even want answers – they want results.
The 166 families who live at Rye Colony Apartments are still without power and say they will be without power through the weekend.
Tenants tell News 12 they are battling the heat and can't keep their food fresh.
They say it's incredibly frustrating for neighbors who are working from home and need power for their computers and phones.
Tenants say they are fed up with Con Edison and NYSEG.
Con Ed defended itself to News 12, saying it has 1,500 workers in the field and "...are clearing roads, removing trees, making downed wires safe, replacing poles and transformers, and reconnecting customers."
It says it has restored more than 175,000 customers since the storm hit.
NYSEG says it secured additional crews ahead of the storm, adding that this storm's damage surpassed Superstorm Sandy.
Despite what the utility companies say, people say they feel the restoration process takes too long and that it happens all too often. They don't want to hear the companies' issues, they want them to solve them.
90,000 people in Westchester were still without power Thursday afternoon.
"If people can have some sense of reliable information of when power will be restored -- how soon or how long its going to take -- they can make rational decisions," says Westchester Executive George Latimer.
Meanwhile, Rye Mayor Josh Cohn called for things to be different next time around.
"We are trying to get the message to the New York State Public Service Commission and our state legislators that something has to change -- Con Ed can't be left to manage weather crises on its own," he says.

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