$15 congestion pricing toll proposal to go before MTA board Wednesday

The MTA Board is scheduled to vote on Wednesday, Dec. 6, on whether to move forward with a set of suggestions on how to implement congestion pricing in lower Manhattan.
Last week, the Traffic Mobility Review Board released a report that recommended cars driving below 60th Street pay a $15 toll.
Supporters including Gov. Kathy Hochul and transit officials have long supported the program as a way to reduce the number of cars downtown, limit the negative environmental impact of driving, and generate $1 billion in revenue for MTA infrastructure improvements.
"Be bold in the implementation and execution. Be undaunted by the opposition. That's how you secure progress," she said.
Commuters, local business owners, and politicians particularly on the west side of the Hudson River continue to call on the MTA to reject the plan calling it a "cash grab."
"That's expensive on top of everything else that's pretty high here - gas, food - just to go into our city," said New Rochelle resident Lacajah Lesuer.
"All of us could use a little extra money and not have to waste it when we don't need to," said Yonkers resident Rob Wolfson.
How much you'll be charged depends on what and when you drive. Cars entering Manhattan south of 60th Street would pay $15, trucks would pay $24-$36 depending on size, $7.50 for taxis, $2.50 for rideshare vehicles, and $1.25 for taxis.
There will be other discounts for entering the area overnight and for drivers taking the Lincoln, Holland, Hugh Carey, and Queens-Midtown tunnels during the day but not for the George Washington or Governor Mario M. Cuomo bridges.
Wednesday's meeting will kick off a 60-day public hearing period before a final vote by the board.
If approved, the additional tolls could go into effect as early as the first half of next year.