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Yorktown woman says fox bit her mother

<p>A Yorktown woman says a fox recently bit a family member.</p>

News 12 Staff

Jul 23, 2018, 9:17 PM

Updated 2,187 days ago


A Yorktown woman says a fox recently bit a family member.
Diedre Coakley, who lives on Manchester Avenue, says a family of foxes lives near them and that one bit her mother Sunday while she was outside.
“He started like jumping up at her so she kept trying to kick him away,” she says.
Coakley says her mother went to pick up the fox to throw it farther away, and that it bit her when she picked him up.
Her mother is now getting rabies shots.
Westchester County officials say this is the third attack from an aggressive fox in the last week.
The other two attacks were on Lee Boulevard and North Deerfield Road.
The fox is still at large, and it is believed to be rabid due to its aggressive behavior.
Residents who see foxes are asked to immediately contact police. Any physical contact with a fox should be reported to a health care provider.
The Department of Health is also advising residents to keep their trashcan lids securely sealed and to avoid leaving pet food outdoors.

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