Yonkers schools hold public meeting for parents, students on reopening plans

Yonkers schools hold public meeting for parents, students on reopening plans

With schools finally submitting their plans to reopen, one of the state's biggest school districts held a public meeting Friday for concerned parents and students on its plans for September.

Yonkers Public Schools doubled down on its hybrid reopening plan, including an option to apply for 100% remote learning.
In just 24 hours since the district posted that application, about 1,000 families already signed up.
Yonkers Public Schools, which is the fourth largest school district in the state, says its working tirelessly on a cautious hybrid plan to safely welcome it's nearly 27,000 students back into classrooms.

Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada says the proposal is subject to change based on new coronavirus cases in the region.
Concerns still run deep with some parents, who say they are weighing the risks.

"It has its pros and cons with it, I would want her to go to school, but I also want her to stay home, but I'm speaking as parent who just got laid off, so I will be able to accommodate her," says Renessa Baugh.
Some parents, like Debbie Mangan, say the hybrid model is the best option for them and their child.
"If they're at home and in a bubble, their immune system is going to be affected, so I think that they need to have that social interaction, it's not book smart, you also have to learn communication skills," Mangan says.

The first day of classes is set for Sept. 8.

In the meantime, the district says the first draft of its finalized learning plan will be shared with School Administration Monday and then posted for the public at a later date.

The meeting was held at Yonkers Public Library Friday, with only 40 people allowed in. Face coverings at all times were required.