Yonkers police commish makes stunning retirement announcement

Yonkers Police Commissioner Robert Taggart unexpectedly announced his retirement Wednesday, fueling spectualation that the career cop is being forced out.
Taggart became Yonkers police commissioner in November of 2003 after almost four decades on the force. Taggart says he planned on retiring at age 55, but became commissioner at 54. Both Taggart and Mayor Phil Amicone denied they were at odds and that the commissioner was being forced out. The commissioner says his decision has nothing to do with recent violence in the city or the allegations of police brutality. In fact, he says crime is down. Amicone called Taggart an ?excellent police officer and commissioner.?
Yonkers City Council Majority Leader Pat McDow thinks it is time the department looks for new leadership. However, fellow Democratic Councilman Dennis Robertson the police commissioner is being used as a fall guy. Robertson says it looks like a political stunt.
An official announcement on Taggart?s replacement is not expected for a few weeks.