Yonkers Mexican-American becomes entrepreneur by sharing cuisine from his home

Alfonso Alvarez is the owner of Tacos El Poblano, the first taco spot in Yonkers.

News 12 Staff

Oct 11, 2021, 9:51 PM

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A Yonkers Mexican-American became a local entrepreneur by introducing the community cuisine from his home.
Alfonso Alvarez is the owner of Tacos El Poblano, the first taco spot in Yonkers.
He says his dream started when he left Mexico in the '80s and began working as a dishwasher.
However, Alvarez says the business actually started as a coffee shop for the first six to seven months. In 1990, he took a risk and added tacos to the menu.
"The response was very positive, people were happy— I was the first taco place in Yonkers at that time,” he says.
Now the Yonkers entrepreneur has three Mexican restaurants. Alvarez says everything is made from scratch in his eateries.
His son, Alfonso Alvarez Jr., works in the kitchen to make the authentic dishes.
One dish they serve is called enchiladas dos Marias, which is a popular dish from Alvarez’s home state of Puebla. It consists of chicken, tortillas and a chocolate-based mixture called mole poblano. It's all folded together with some cheese melted on top.
It’s a comforting Mexican dish that tastes like home.
After Alvarez launched his first business, he helped found the Yonkers Mexican American Chamber of Commerce.
“People from my community, we don’t have professional people, but now we do,” he says.
During the pandemic, Alvarez gave out 600 pantry baskets to Yonkers residents.
Last month he was honored by the Westchester Board of Legislators, who declared Sept. 21, 2021 "Alfonso Alvarez Day.”
"I am representing my community and it makes me proud of it,” Alvarez says.
Alvarez faced tough times during the pandemic like many restaurant owners. He says he was able to pull through thanks to PPE loans and the support of the Yonkers community.

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