Yonkers Mayor Spano takes third oath of office

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano (D) took his third oath of office Wednesday as he continued leading the state's fourth largest city.       
A landslide victory in last November's election and a new term limit law in 2018 paved the way for Spano to run Yonkers for four more years.
During his fourth inauguration speech, he shared "I didn't expect to be here today, I expected to be sitting in the crowd."
In November, Spano got nearly 75% of the vote over Republican Mario De Giorgio.
The year before, Spano signed controversial legislation extending term limits from two to three, which allowed him to run again.
The 42 mayor of Yonkers says he plans to focus on economic development, enriching the city’s education programs and increasing public safety over the next four years.
"To improve the quality of life, to see our schools get better, to build these three schools, and to shepherd this economic development plan through," says Spano.
As he did on election night, Spano reassured the city of Yonkers, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”
Three other city council members including, incumbents Shanae Williams and Mike Breen, as well as newcomer Tasha Diaz, were also sworn into office on Jan. 1.
"Let's make this the most productive, the most innovative, and the most collaborative city council in the history of Yonkers,” says Diaz.
To start the year, Democrats hold a 5-2 advantage on the City Council as well.