Man returns home after 2-month hospitalization for COVID-19

“The most exciting thing is I'm alive,” says Murrieta. “I feel great.”
News 12 is told the coronavirus pandemic affected his family hard.
Murrieta’s mother died of COVID-19 complications in April before he was hospitalized.
The Yonkers man says he’s thankful to the hospital staff and his family for their unwavering support.
“It means everything, the warmth of the family it helps,” says Murrieta. “It's one of the biggest things that keep me fighting. I never gave up.”
The medical team who nursed him back to life used aggressive and experimental treatments like plasma from other COVID-19 patients and respirators.
Now that Murrieta is free from the virus, his plans include self-care and enjoying one of his favorite meals: arroz con pollo.
“When I get home, a good shower and a haircut. It's been three months since I couldn't cut my hair.”
Burke Rehabilitation Hospital has cared for more than 350 COVID-19 patients since the pandemic began. Most of them have been released and are recovering at home.