Yonkers firefighter reunites with baby he helped deliver during 1st day on job

A Yonkers probationary firefighter met the baby he helped to deliver on his first day of work last week.
Michael Iacovello was in for a surprise when he joined a team of first responders who aided in the delivery of a baby girl when the mother unexpectedly went into labor.
The incident occurred in the woman’s Yonkers apartment on the morning of Jan. 14 following an emergency call.
By the time the crew arrived, the baby girl was halfway into the world causing excruciating pain for her mother.
Agnes, baby Obadianah’s mother, says the first responders arrived at the right moment.
"They came on time, and they did it. Thank God for the firefighters and especially him," she says.
Although her husband was out of town during the special moment, he still thanked the fire department for their help, saying in part, “I was so happy, I'm proud of them, and I always say God bless them for whatever they did for my wife in my absence."
The new first responder recalls the incident as a little nerve-wracking at first, but now a memory that will last forever.
“I was really nervous, excited. The training kicked in, she started crying once we suctioned her, and I cut the umbilical cord,” says Iacovello. “We're going to have memories for the rest of our lives. She's gonna have a memory, and I’m gonna have a memory."