Yonkers EMS crew delivers baby boy in woman's home

A Yonkers EMS crew is being celebrated as heroes after delivering a baby boy Thursday morning.
They were called to a home on Edwards Place after reports that an expectant mother’s water broke.
When they arrived, they had no time to move the mom to the hospital because she was about to deliver the baby.
The crew of first responders quickly sprang into action and delivered the baby inside the family home.
For paramedic Yaritza Abre, it was the first baby she helped deliver.
"I’ve been telling everyone that I delivered a baby. I’ve been trying to avoid it for five years just because it’s a crazy situation to have a newborn in your responsibility, but I’m glad that it happened. I feel so much more confident," she says.
Fire officials say both mom and son are healthy and resting at a Yonkers hospital.