Yonkers City Council disciplines two members after recorded verbal attacks

Yonkers City Councilwoman Corazon Pineda-Isaac decried the council's response to her complaint against Councilwoman Tasha Diaz's crude remarks about her.
During a special meeting Thursday afternoon, Pineda-Isaac said Diaz's behavior toward her "festered, grew and worsened" for years.
Her complaint, filed in January, is now being investigated by the city's Human Resources department.
It states that Councilwoman Diaz made the work environment hostile, and told colleagues she'd "slit her (Pineda-Isaac's) throat" after Pineda refused to support Diaz's bid to be majority leader at January's organizational council meeting.
Diaz was absent from Thursday's special meeting.
She was stripped of her majority leader position by the council because of the attacks.
Pineda-Isaac recorded some of them.
"Let the games begin," Diaz said of her feud with Pineda- Isaac during a conversation in her office. "I'll [expletive] slap the taste out your mouth."
Diaz is also heard in the recording ripping Pineda-Isaac for her clothing choices, saying she should send her 10-dollar-dress back to Old Navy.
After voting 6 to 0 to remove Diaz from her majority leader position, they then punished Pineda- Isaac.
The issued a censure – a formal rebuke – stating Pineda-Isaac should not have secretly recorded a private conversation in Diaz's office and should apologize.
"There's no resolution asking her to apologize," Pineda said tearfully. "This behavior is not new. This behavior was known by anyone who came close to Tasha Diaz."
Council President Lakisha Collins-Bellamy told News 12 after the meeting, she was disappointed in Diaz's choice of words and that Diaz needs to change.
"I hope that she takes this time to reflect on her actions thus far," she said of Diaz, "and restores the faith that her colleagues and the city have instilled in her."