Yonkers baseball player defeats the odds time & time again

Yonkers high schooler Chris Montgomery has played baseball since he was 4 years old, but his battles are tougher than most.
Denise Montgomery has been watching her son, Chris, play baseball since he was young. It's been nothing short of a miracle getting to this point.
"His intestines were out when he was born. So when they put his intestines back in, they didn't realize how very severe pulmonary hypertension he had. He wound up on life support for a week," said Denise Montgomery.
His chances for survival were not high. He overcame the odds to make it home, but hit another roadblock.
"He started with orthodox, went to braces on his legs. He was diagnosed at 2 with cerebral palsy," said his mother.
He wasn't supposed to be able to walk or talk, but once again he fought and by 4, his mom had him in tee ball.
Chris fell in love with the sport, overcoming all of his challenges to become the captain of the Yonkers High School baseball team. But the battles would return, this time for the person closest to him.
"I was diagnosed with stage three appendiceal carcinoma in 2018. I did six months of chemo," said Denise Montgomery.
Unfortunately it came back last year and is now at stage four, but she is still on those sidelines no matter what and it means everything to her son.
"When I'm out on the field, I see her in the bleachers and it just motivates me," said Christopher Montgomery. "She's been my No. 1 supporter since I was born, with everything, she's been with me all my life."
Christopher Montgomery has been offered a chance to keep playing at Rockland Community College next fall.