Yonkers Arab-Americans accuse police of racism and harassment

Several Arab-Americans in Yonkers are accusing local cops of racism and harassment after receiving thousands of dollars in littering tickets.
Albert Fakhoury owns a property on Linden Street, and he says he was targeted by a female Yonkers code enforcement officer in the form of 44 littering tickets. Fakhoury claims the officer said Arabs have a lot of money and should give some back to the city. There is now a warrant out for his arrest.
Adelia Robalo says she received $22,000 worth of tickets in one year for debris outside her Yonkers deli on Willow Street. She claims she was harassed after getting a ticket for a single cup found outside. Robalo has negotiated her fines down to $5,000.
City officials say the ticket writing is not excessive, but add they will investigate any accusations of racism.