Wrongly convicted Peekskill man says life as a free man isn't easy

The Peekskill man who served 16 years for a murder he didn?t commit says he is having a difficult time living his life as a free man. Jeffrey Deskovic was released from prison two weeks ago after being convicted of murdering his classmate Angela Correa. Deskovic says he falsely confessed to the crime after hours of relentless questioning by Peekskill police. During the murder investigation DNA couldn't link Deskovic to the crime scene. Years later, modern DNA technology found the real killer. Now, the 32-year-old says with no job and no real home he is having a difficult time getting by. Deskovic, who dreamed of working as an attorney when he was young, is considering becoming a psychotherapist. Since authorities made a mistake, Deskovic said he believed the same authorities would give him a fresh start. Officials from several state and county agencies said they would look into the matter to see if Deskovic is entitled to any educational services.
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