Women in Rockland murder plot released

The two women who pleaded guilty in a murder-for-money plot in Rockland County are now free.
Tanisha Joyner and Eltia Grant, who were sentenced for taking part in the murder of Peggy Nadell, were released Friday. Under a plea deal on charges of hindering the prosecution, they were sentenced to time already served.
Nadell, 80, was a community activist who was found stabbed to death in her Valley Cottage home in January 2014.
Neither woman took a direct part in the murder, but they did try to provide alibis for the real killers, Andrea Benson and Peggy's daughter-in-law, Diana Nadell.
Diana Nadell apparently wanted the victim out of the way so she get access to her $4 million estate.
While both Grant and Joyner said in court that they are sorry for what they did, Peggy Nadell's daughter wasn't buying it. Susanne Nadell-Scaccio made no secret of her contempt for Joyner and Grant when she mocked them in court. "What they did was wrong and I don't believe how sorry they are," scoffed Nadell-Scaccio.
Police say Grant and Joyner's cooperation was essential to the prosecution, and the long prison sentences handed down to Diana Nadell and Andrea Benson.
The sentences handed down today should bring to an end to the court proceedings connected to the murder.