Woman blames $21M Scarsdale Public Library renovation for the termination of part-time workers

Robin Stettnisch, along with her fellow demonstrators, have been protesting in front of the Scarsdale Public Library since October in an effort to bring attention to what she calls "heartless treatment of library staff."
Stettnish says the library terminated all of its part-time workers, including herself, following a $21 million renovation.
"I won't give up because they need to do the right thing,' says Stettnish. "They need to be held accountable for what they did to so many people."
Stettnisch started working at the library 33 years ago, at the age of 23.
The Scarsdale Library issued a statement that says in part, "The Scarsdale Public Library is unable to discuss personnel-related matters with members of the public, as we wish to protect the privacy of our current and former employees. An appropriate pathway exists for current or former employees to have any concern or grievance heard and considered. However, members of the public should note that the Scarsdale Public Library was extremely transparent throughout the library renovation and addition project, having also exceeded our regulatory responsibilities in implementing necessary workforce reductions."
The statement continued, "Because the Library expected 54 Olmsted to be closed for construction for at least two years, we were unable to make forward-looking commitments of continuing employment to any personnel released through our necessary workforce reduction. Rather, we exerted exceptional effort to assist such personnel in making the transition to retirement or other employment, as best met the needs of each of our former staff. Our current staffing levels and compensation plan reflect current operating needs and our commitment to fiscal stewardship."