Wolf Conservation Center makes for howling good adventure in South Salem

Road Trip: Close to Home is going on a howling good adventure at the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem! 
Make a reservation and you’ll get a guided tour where you’ll learn about the roughly 40 wolves the conservation cares for.  “We want to teach people about wolves…we also want to talk about what wolves are doing in the wild, really try to bring people that knowledge that they may just not know otherwise,” says Spencer Wilhelm, director of operations at Wolf Conservation Center.
Two of the most critically endangered species in the world live right here, and if you’re quiet enough you might be able to spot one.   “So if you think about Northern Connecticut to Texas, all of that southeastern part of the United States, was red wolf territory but now...seven remain,” says Wilhelm.
Right now, the conservation is working with organizations across the country and Mexico to bring those numbers back up. 
Photo windows give visitors the chance to take their own videos of these wild animals. From beginners to experts, photography sessions are available for everyone. “You don’t have to be a great photographer, but you can use your iPhone or you can bring your giant Canon,” says Wilhelm.