Witness to fatal accident says Woodbury Common not prepared for emergency

The Woodbury Common Premium Outlet brings in millions of tourists each year, but some wonder if it is prepared for an emergency following a fatal accident last week. 
Officials tell News 12 that Habram Castillo, 40, of New York City, was delivering product to the Tory Burch store from a New York City warehouse when the incident occurred. As Castillo was trying to guide the truck into the loading area, he was accidentally pinned between the vehicle and the loading dock by the driver.
Shopper Sarah Boylan says she watched on in horror and helplessness as the incident unfolded and the worker bled to death outside of the store.

"The woman who claimed to be head of emergency came unprepared. No one had scissors, no one had gauze,” she says. 
Boylan says it was her mother, a registered nurse, and another shopper, who happened to be an EMT, that sprang into action until first responders could arrive.

"You can't rely on the fact my mom and I happened to be there and the EMT happened to be there,” she says. 

A representative for Simon, the company that owns the shopping center, wouldn't comment on its emergency protocol and referred questions to Woodbury police.
Lt. Kevin Phillips wouldn't comment on the outlet's alleged lack of response but said one of their officers arrived on the scene within minutes.
The incident remains under investigation and the truck is being held by police for evidence.

Castillo was being laid to rest Thursday. A Woodbury Common spokesperson said the outlet center extends its condolences to the family and staff at Tory Burch.